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Just Enough Education to Perform
1. Vegas Two Times
2. Lying In The Sun
3. Mr. Writer
4. Step On My Old Size Nines
5. Have A Nice Day
6. Nice To Be Out
7. Watch Them Fly Sundays
8. Every Day I Think Of Money
9. Maybe
10. Caravan Holiday
11. Rooftop
Just Enough Education to Perform [New Edition]
1. Vegas Two Times
2. Lying In The Sun
3. Mr. Writer
4. Step On My Old Size Nines
5. Have A Nice Day
6. Nice To Be Out
7. Handbags And Gladrags
8. Watch Them Fly Sundays
9. Every Day I Think Of Money
10. Maybe
11. Caravan Holiday
12. Rooftop
Just Enough Education to Perform [UK New Edition]
1. Vegas Two Times
2. Lying In The Sun
3. Mr. Writer
4. Step On My Old Size Nines
5. Have A Nice Day
6. Nice To Be Out
7. Handbags And Gladrags
8. Watch Them Fly Sundays
9. Every Day I Think Of Money
10. Maybe
11. Caravan Holiday
12. Rooftop
13. Surprise
Just Enough Education to Perform [An Acoustic Preview Tour]
CD1. Mr. Writer (single CD2)
CD2. Have A Nice Day (single CD2)
CD3. Step On My Old Size Nines (single CD2)
CD4. Handbags And Gladrags (single CD2)
CD5. Lying In The Sun (single)
Just Enough Education to Perform [Sampler]
1. Local Boy In The Photograph
2. Mr. Writer
3. Mr. Writer (video)
4. Local Boy In The Photograph (video)
Just Enough Education to Perform [Sampler]
1. Lying In The Sun
2. Watch Them Fly Sundays
3. I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio (live)
4. Traffic (live)

Notes de l'album
Vegas Two Times : I wrote the music about October '99 at home. The lyrics came after a trip to Las Vegas and L.A. in January 2000. I finished the second verse at Real World, September 2000.
Lying In The Sun : The guitar melody came about August 1999, waiting for a taxi in my living room. The words I'd already written in Sitges, Spain, after seeing a guy begging on the street in Portugal. It was one of the saddest things I'd ever seen. The taxi came halfway through putting the words and music together, so I finished the song later that night.
Mr. Writer : That song has been with me from about the time of 'I Stopped To Fill My Car Up'. I had these chords for the verse I kept playing on the old upright piano at home. I recorded a dictaphone demo of it loads of times. It was always very dark, and slow. Then the line 'Mr Writer, why don't you tell it like it is" came, and that was the only lyric I had for months and months. I could only play the chorus chords on the guitar. So when I had the eight tracks Roland thing on the road in Europe, I was in some hotel room, we were all getting ready for a game of football, and I borrowed Tony's keyboard and played the verse on that and the chorus on the acoustic. Then I asked Tony to overdub the chords quite seventhy over the top, in the chorus, so I could get some more perspective of the chorus on the piano. I saw it has a kinf of 'Mr Bluesky', ELO at the time. Then one night at Monnow, it was late on a Friday and Rich and Stu went home for the weekend. We were listening to 'Talking Book' by Stevie Wonder, and the second song had this really druggy lazy fucked up feel, and that's what we thought it should be. Me and Marsh played along in the live room, in Monnow. Acoustic and Wurli. Marsh started playing that Stevie Wonder type riff over the chords. We put the wah wah on the guitar overdub. It just clicked. I wrote the first verse, and both bridge lyrics that night. Bushy played drums and bass, for a demo, and we fell in love with it. Then we had a drink.
Step On My Old Size Nines : It was May, 2000, I'd just come back from Birmingham, had a night out with a few mates, and I was playing the new songs I'd recorded at home, just a vocal and guitar. And Adam, my mate from Brum, asked if I'd ever written anything in open 'g'. So when I got home, I was copying the demos for Stuart and Richard, ready to go in Monnow, and while the high-speed dubbing wa going, I tuned a guitar to 'g'. And it was a ten-minute job. I recorded it then and there, and whacked it on the CD with the other demos.
Have A Nice Day :Wrote the words or the story behind the words in San Francisco, after sitting in the back of a cab listening to the driver talk about, what he called, 'corporate communism'. A very interesting man. I put the words and music together in a hotel room in Europe, in October '99.
Nice To Be Out : Wrote the words in about Jan/Feb '99 on a train journey through Germany doing promo for 'Performance And Cocktails'. Did the first version at Eden Studios in a diffrerent key.
Watch Them Fly Sundays : Words and music on a European promo tour in June '99.
Everyday I Think Of Money : It was January, Christmas break, at home. I remember the words and music going together quite easily. The middle eight off the demo was never right, so a new was written at Monnow, one morning.
Maybe : I was on the phone with Julian and Marsh or Steve was editing a shaker in the middle 8 of a song called 'Surprise', and these two chords kept looping over and over. So when I got off the phone I asked Marshall to make the loop longer, so I could try this melody idea over the top. So I sang the melody with no words and tool te cassette away and wrote the lyrics in room 5, at tha house in Real World in August 2000.
Caravan Holiday : I remember recording a demo of it in my bunk on the tour bus in June '99. I think I wrote the lyrics round about May or June '99 on tour in Europe
Rooftop : I'd stuck a very sketchy version of the opening melody on a dictaphone after Monnow and left it at that. Then one night in the studio, in between a take on something else, I sang the melody, in a key far too high. Marshall gave me that look, and asked me to do it again. He recorded it, whacked it into some shape, on a cassette for me, and I took it at home at the weekend to write the words and middle 8. The end section was originally gonna be very mellow. In fact the end of a song called 'Second Hand Jacket'. But it turned out a bit different, Marsh played that little wurli riff over the chords at the end, and I tried rhyming from quiet tu loud over the playout. it sounded good, so then I had ti write the rhyme.

Kelly Jones : guitar and singing
Richard Jones : bass and harmonica
Stuart Cable : drums

Marshall Bird : piano, backing vocals, Wurlitzer and hamonica
Backing vocals on Vegas Two Times by Hazel Fernandes, Aileen McLaughlin, Anna Ross
Harmonica on track on Rooftop by Glenn Hyde

All songs written by Kelly Jones except Mr. Writer written by Kelly Jones and Marshall Bird
Words by Kelly Jones
Handbags And Gladrags written by Michael D'Abo
Published by Universal Music Publishing

Produced adn engineered by Bird & Bush
Recorded at Real World Studios, Bath & Monnow Valley Studios, Monmouth
Mixed by Andy Wallace at Soundtrack Studios, New York
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portand, Maine

Just Enough Education to Perform is dedicated to the memory of Anne-Pascale Pleuchot and Scott Piering.
Songs/ Studio notes taken from interviews with Kelly and Danny O'Connor. October 2000.
Logo and artwork by Mr. Murdoch at Satellite and Kelly.
Logo design courtesy of Buckles of America Backgrounds - Lee Dunn (no logo)
Stereo FC 50-56 Wharf Road, London, N1 7SF

Thanks to Bird & Bush "We'll always be the hungry underdogs it gives us room to grow"
Thanks to everyone at Real World Studios
Especially : Marco Migliari, "you're a diamond"
Owen Leech & all the house keeping and kitchen girls, Sheelagh, Tracey, Carla, Lisa, Tracy, Sam, Barbara & Nicky
"It was from home"
Everyone at Chequers Pub, Box for the lock-ins
Gareth, Ivor, "Our Friday nights will nerver be the same again"
All at Monnow Valley especially Sandra, Kingsley and Colette
All the craic on the road "we're all joined at the bottle", Neil, Dave, Mick, Swampy, Simon, Reg, Tony, Rocking Nige, Arturo, Tommo, Stuart, Annie & Julian.
"We're no longer living, just living for excuses to drink"
Thank you : Jeremy, David, Pier, Julia, Pinko, Jayne & all at V2
Peter Button at Clintons
Nick Kaye & Sean at Alexander Edward Lee
Julian & Terri at Hall or Nothing
Scott & Claire-Louise at ITB
Stuart Galbraith at SFX
Mark Mackie at Regular Music
Simon Moran & Chris York @ SJM
Lee Dunn at [no logo]
Yamaha, Zildjian, HCF, MFL, Gibson Guitars, Hugues & Ketner, Strings & Things, Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop and Vocalzones.
A massive thanks to everyone at Marsupial, John, Natalie, Eli, "Nothing's ever a problem. Thanks."
Marsupial Management, PO Box 5594, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG18-9YH.
And of course our beautiful families and friends. Even the new ones, we never knew we had !

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