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Just Enough Evidence to Print
Danny O'Connor, Virgin
En Anglais uniquement
272 pages, £14.99
Cover design : Button Design Co.
Cover ohotograph : Scarlet Page/PCP

Prologue - The Big Chill
Part 1 - Wake Up and Smell The Rain
(LA Confidential - Stand By Me - Angels With Dirty Faces - The Cable Guy - The Outsiders - Deliverance)
Part 2 - Free Falling From a Stage
(Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - Blow Up - To Have and Have Not - The Only Game in Town)
Part 3 - Long Digging, Gone Fishing, Love Drinking
(High Society - Apocalypse Now - Pulp Fiction - Spellbound - Twin Town - Cinema Paradisio)
Part 4 - Jukejoints, Exploits, Encores and Applause
(The Blues Brothers - North by Northwest - Reality Bites - A Hard Day's Night)
Epilogue - Don't Look Back

The Official Inside Story
In February 96 it was a toss-up between the Applejacks, the Stillborn Lambs or the Stereophonics. Kelly, Richard and Stuart decided on the latter and within a couple of months they were signed as the first-ever act on V2 Records. Since then they've played hundreds of gigs, had a string of Top 10 hits and sold over 2 millions albums. They now count the likes of Noel and Liam Gallagher, Paul Weller, Ray Davies, Tom Jones, Bono and Paul McCartney among their admirers. Stereophonics are a modern phenomenon: they're one of the biggest bands in Britain, and yet the true story of their success hasn't been told... until now.
With unparalleled access we travel with them from the terraced street of Cwmaman, Wales, to the showbiz capitals of the world. En route Kelly, Richard and Stuart talk about the early days, songwriting and the creation of the current album Just Enough Education to Perform. We hear from friends and relatives, and there are cameo roles from Kevin Spacey, Johnny Depp, David Bowie and Rhys Ifans.
Just Enough Evidence to Print is the long-awaited story of a band at the height of their powers. Just as importantly, it's the story of three lads who have remained true to their roots in south Wales. It not only tells their tale, but also reflects the current renaissance in all aspects of Welsh life.
"Danny's been interviewing us since the begining. That's why I'm always getting bollockings off John, our manager, for saying something daft to him on Radio One" Kelly Jones


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