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I知 Alright (You Gotta Go There To Come Back)

I値l drink another drink for you
One two three four five once I drank a fish alive
I値l drop another pill for you
Six seven eight nine ten did it before I値l do it again
I値l tell another joke for you
Did you hear the one about the one that looks like you
I値l sleep with sleep arounds for you
Why don稚 you scratch my back and chew the tong I chew?

I知 alright
I知 alright

I値l tell another lie for you
Tell you what you wanna hear but that don稚 make it true
I値l wear another smile for you
That way you know I知 fine and having fun with you
I値l draw another line for you
That way you know I知 hip that way you know I知 cool
I値l smoke another smoke for you
I値l blow back in your mouth and you can blow back too

I知 alright
I知 alright (you gotta go there to come back)

I値l take another punch for you
Tie my hands behind my back that way you cannot lose
I値l make another pound for you
So you can drive your motor car and drive you to the moon

I知 alright
I知 alright alright
You me us free
We池e alright alright
Love pain hate rain
We池e alright alright
Give take time place
We池e alright alright
Aah aah ah ah...


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