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Maritim Belle Vue In Kiel

I arrive in a taxi a Mercedes Benz
I was driving along alone with no friends
Jumped into the Maritim Belle Vue In Kiel
You woke and you said she said "how do you feel?"
I feel fine
So I'm signing my name
She said "you'll be in here tonight you're the only one staying"

Look left down the hall at the state of it all
The leather was brown there was only the sound of a
Turn off the floor until your mirrored wall
Lampshades of gold lined up on the floor
In a row
Lined up in a row
Oh no lined up on the floor

I was hungry again out to eat with no friend
In a restaurant what's open at least that's what I'm hoping
I ordered the fish they say "when in Rome?"
The waiter smiled but he wanted to
Go on home
So go go on home
Just go go on home

The meal was good but I'm drinking alone
I could murder a nightcap I decided to go
The bar was empty he asked "what you having?"
I think it's a Vodka and it looks like I'm
Buying again
It seems you've got your own friends
Yes again
I think I'm buying again

I felt like a tourist sinking alone
The barman looked weird so I drank me some more
I scanned round the room to see two old friends
Who were Laurel and Hardy fans and late at the end
Oh no I should go on home
Oh no I'm sliding down on the floor

I got up to leave so I finish my drink
I crushed all the ice cubes the grapefruit was pink
I said "how long ya' been here?" you said "since it was new"
You said "I've always been here" you said "and so have you"


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